International Heavy Tranports and Forwarding

Initially OSL was created in order to offer to prospective customers a competent and reliable alternative to the standard forwarding industry. Our services offer the handling of your national and international activities.
Apart from traditional forwarding we are specialists in heavy transport, also specialist in heavytransport under complete cover. See under our ewerything is under cover paragraph

Our main relations in European traffic are northern Europe, south western Europe as well as the GUS states. This applies to road transportation and multi-modal operations, in addition we are also your competent partner for international overseas operations as well.

Furthermore the handling of complete systems and projects is within our field of operations and apart from our own skilled personnel and equipment we operate with long trusted fixed contractors who meet our exacting standards.

Osl can offer you the complete package with assurance that your own personnel can concentrate on other activities - let us take the worry out of your next project.


OSL is now presenting a new innovation in transporting high value goods.
A SEMI LOW Loader With a Subtle Difference.

Everything Is Under Cover

We offer a maximum payload of 38 tons.Up to 13,60 m overall floor space, swan neck trailers. 3,60 m on the step of the trailer giving it 10,00 m of flat loading space on the main deck. It has the added advantage of split opening rear doors for overhanging machinery.
We are also able to extend in width, which starts at 2,50 m and extending up to 4,50 In some cases we are able to go even wider even with the width at 4,50 m the load still remains covered and out of the bad wheather conditions etc


The internal loading height is from 2.70 m up to 3,50 m on the main decks. But in special circumstances we are able to adjust this height to accommodate an even higher load that would usually need to be dismantled so that it fits in the trailer.

A sliding roof and side curtains:

For overhead crane and side loading. With the added advantage of being able to raise the side roof height to ease side loading.

Load restraint:

Our trailers are equipped with heavy duty lashing rings to heavy haulage standard built into a heavy duty chassis. We also have a wide range of fastening equipment available for second to none for load security.

Loading ramps:

We can load cars/aircraft/forklifts - in fact anything on wheels can be loaded from the rear using our aluminium loading ramps self driven or winched loaded (Swan necks).

Our communications are second to none:

All of our tractor units are equipped with the very latest in dual band telephone and telefax, Internet, DVD-navigation and satellite location finder. This enables us at the touch of a button to tell you exactly where the location of the vehicle is at any given time.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at our German head office. Where we would only be to happy to discuss your requirments.

We look forward to hearing from you